Finnhütte Alusta

In human history dwelling evolves by stemming from basic archetypal systems. The two archetypes we decided to propose for inhabiting the landscape of the Helsinki Maritime Archipelago are the tent (Finnhütte) and the platform (Alusta). To meet the criteria of cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability, we sought to produce a system that made use of natural materials, was dry-assemblable, and minimized its construction elements. At the geometric and construction level the entire system is modular between horizontal and vertical elements. The application of the system on the project site suits the different needs for each island, ranging from the more geometric intervention in Villinki and Pikku Niinisaari, to sparse in the landscape in Kotiluoto, Vartiosaari and Malkasaari.

Board 1    Board 2    Board 3    Explanatory text

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