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Anssi Lassila (FI) – Architect, OOPEAA Office For Peripheral Architecture; Professor, Oulu University

photo: Mikko Virta

Anssi Lassila, Architect (SAFA), is the founder and director of OOPEAA Office For Peripheral Architecture and Professor of Practice in Contemporary Architecture at the Oulu School of Architecture. His architecture combines a sculptural form with skilful handling of materials and innovative techniques. The work of Lassila has been recognised with some of the highest merits achievable both in Finland and internationally. OOPEAA works on a wide range of projects from churches and public buildings to housing and urban visions, many of which are created as a result of an architectural competition. There is an active focus on research and development with an emphasis on solutions that support social and ecological sustainability.

Lassila is the Chairman of the National Jury of Finland

Elisa Lähde (FI) – Landscape Architect (MARK); Professor, Aalto University

Elisa Lähde is Professor of Landscape Architecture in Aalto University. Her research concentrates on water sensitive urban design and green infrastructures. Lähde is interested in biodiversity, green infrastructures and climate change adaptation in urban development and landscape planning processes. Lähde is experienced with co-creation methods and sees it both as an important tool to scale up urban sustainability and an interesting research method in landscape architecture and has 20 years of experience in practice in the field of landscape architecture.

Pia Kuusiniemi (FI) – Landscape Architect (MARK), LOCI Landscape Architects

Pia Kuusniemi has been actively involved in developing Finnish urban planning to a more sustainable path by promoting the importance of natural areas and urban nature for wellbeing. In her design, she emphasizes a special knowledge of the history and characteristics of the place, so that already existing elements can be utilized in the design: resource wisdom and the spirit of the place are the very starting points when starting a new project. She is a founding partner in LOCI Landscape Architects Ltd, and the President of the Association of Finnish Landscape Architects. Kuusiniemi has achieved considerable success also in numerous competitions and competition teams.

Jonas Nordgren (DK) – Architect (MAA, SAR), Schauman Nordgren Architects

Jonas Nordgren is the co-founder of Schauman Nordgren Architects, who believe that enhancing the experience for communities and creating places of inclusion is the key to unlocking new possibilities within the fields of architecture, urban plans, and design. Nordgren has also graduated as a furniture designer, and works with different scales and functions since timeless architecture is always experienced on several levels. Before own practice (2016-), which has had success in both architectural and urban design competitions, he was working at COBE Architects with a range of praised projects such as the PFA office building in Copenhagen, ESS, European Spallation Source and Science Village Scandinavia in Lund.

Dan Mollgren (FI) – Architect (SAFA); Director of Urban Development, City of Porvoo

Dan Mollgren is the Director of Urban Development in the City of Porvoo, where he first started as the Head of City Planning in 2019. Previously he was Head of Project in Helsinki working with zoning tasks in the Pasila district focusing on mixed-use development in a dense urban context. In his work Mollgren emphasises sustainability and has completed many projects including public transportation, wooden architecture and social housing. He is the chairman of The Nordic Wooden Town Network and a board member of The Historic Towns in Finland association.

Arto O. Salonen (FI) – Professor of Sustainable Well-being

Arto O. Salonen is Professor of Sustainable Well-being at the Department of Social Sciences in University of Eastern Finland. His expertise is related to the transition to a sustainable society and his approach is interdisciplinary and future-oriented. His theoretical research is characterized by efforts to update the vision of civilization and progressive thinking; empirical research focuses on the concrete implementation of social change.

Salonen is also a member of the Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development, and holds several other academic positions.

Helena Wessberg (SE) – Architect (SAR/MSA), Urban Planning Strategist

Helena Wessberg, is the Urban Planning Strategist at the City Planning Office of Stockholm., where she among other things managed the Stockholm Architecture Policy project and rewarded with the Swedish Association of Architects planning prize 2022. She’s currently working with developing design strategies for the increasingly densifying Stockholm. Previous work at the planning department included several larger project areas such as the Slaughterhouse, southern Skanstull and Hagsätra/Rågsved, She’s also been one of the cofounders of Kod arkitekter, an award winning Stockholm based office with focus on research, urban planning and different forms of housing.



Europan -prosessissa edetään hankkeissa kilpailukohteiden mahdollisuuksien laajan kartoittamisen ja tavoitteiden asettamisen kautta varsinaiseen kilpailuun,  jonka tuloksena saatuja ideoita ja suunnitteluratkaisuja on tarkoitus jatkotyöstää kohti toteutuskelpoisuutta. Kunkin maan Europan organisaatio tukee kilpailun ratkettua varsinaisten toimeksiantojen syntyä tilaajien ja suunnittelijoiden välillä.

Suomessa jatkotoimeksiannot ovat käsittäneet usein esim. viitesuunnitelmien laatimista asemakaavan muutosten pohjaksi; kilpailun myötä nuoret suomalaiset arkkitehtitoimistot ovat saaneet toteutettavakseen myös asuntorakentamiskohteita ainakin Jyväskylään, Kuopioon ja Vaasaan.

Muualle Eurooppaan toteutuneita kohteita Europan Europen sivuilta sekä kiinnostavia asuinkerrostalototeutuksia esim.  Europan Itävallan sivuilta.

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What is Europan?

Europan is a thematic competition of ideas / projects, followed by processes of implementations.

Europan is a tool for European cities and urban actors to find and develop innovative strategies for their sites in transformation.

Europan is a platform for young professionals of urban, landscape and architectural design under 40.

More info: Europan Europe and Kirsti Rantanen, General Secretary / Europan Suomi Finland (tel + 358. 40 163 6025 / info(at)