Vaskiluoto - Living City Meets the Sea

Scale: L/S
Team representative: architect, andscape architect, urbanist
Location: Northern part of the Island of Vaskiluoto
Population: Vaskiluoto 340 inhabitants,  City of Vaasa 68,000 inhabitants
Reference site: 33 ha
Project site: 11,4 ha
Site proposed by: City of Vaasa
Actors involved: City of Vaasa;
Owner of the site: City of Vaasa
Commission after competition: Futher studies on the level of urban design


The island of Vaskiluoto, where the competition site is located, is situated to the west of the Vaasa city centre.. The central location calls for developing Vaskiluoto as a unified part of the Vaasa urban area.

The re-use of the sites of the camping area and demolished hotel for a new housing area in the northern peninsula of Vaskiluoto, will offer unique opportunities for the creation of an attractive living environment, where a rich urban fabric meets the surrounding nature and the sea.

The competition calls for insightful urban design proposals for these residential areas and shoreline development in the project area, where the environment should be holistic and promote the benevolent co-existence of all beings. The new living environment should take into consideration the needs of different lifestyles, age groups and cultural backgrounds in society: it should be encompassing and inclusive, and foster a community spirit from the very beginning. Possibilities for hands-on activities and self-expression should be created. The residents’ own sustainable and ecological choices should be supported and facilitated. Cultural sustainability requires urban and architectural solutions of a high quality, in line with the cultural heritage and identity of Vaskiluoto, and be able to withstand the test of time.

The project area will be developed in three major stages, as the third phase will be implemented only if/when a new location for the camping site is found. The other seashores and the southern forest area will be retained as common recreation and service areas, but strategic and social connections between the project site and the Vaasa City Centre should be enhanced.

The competition is organised by the City Planning Department of Vaasa in collaboration with Europan Finland. The intention of the Planning Department is to give a commission to the winner/s at the level of urban planning. The commission will be to develop the ideas of the winning competition proposal further, and based on this the city will make a local detailed plan for the area.