Symbiotic Fabric

WINNER – Symbiotic Fabric

Laura Huerga Cadenas (ES),  architect
Pablo Magán Uceda (ES), architect
Óscar Ruiz Nieto (ES), architect
Sophia Arbara (GR), architect
Marcello Felice VIetti (IT), Urban Planner
Pavlos Ventouris (GR), architect
Javier López-Menchero Ortiz De Salazar (ES), architect

Jury evalution:

Symbiotic Fabric approaches the station area through a strategic ring road concept. The objective here is to use the boulevard with a series of focal points to create a new urban identity for Hyvinkää The new ring road is underpinned by existing strengths and connections present at the station and the wider area surrounding the station, making it both resource-efficient and suitable for implementation. The team behind the proposal have succeeded in identifying the key links within the city’s fabric and strengthened them through a series of interventions, including functions that drive production, working and homes in the area. The result is less a highly detailed master plan but a strategic vision for how to transform Hyvinkää’s centre, currently dominated by transport infrastructure into a busy, vibrant and dynamic urban environment. Its particular strength lies in the simple and straightforward, diagrammatic approach that view both sides of the railway tracks as a single whole but which allows for further work and development without losing its essence.

The axonometric projections that have been drawn up on a range of urban hybrid blocks are highly credible and can serve as the basis for developing new block structures. In the visuals, the boulevard is marked with an exaggerated yellow tone, but in reality, this particular design solution will promote further ongoing evolution of the urban space and will be impactful without any special effects. The continuous modular 3D framework is not an entirely freshly conceived architectural idea and against the backdrop of the wider cityscape, the feature comes across as pretentious and out of place. It would benefit from further development in terms of its functional aspect and should not be left as a mere design feature. In terms of its scale, the proposed bus/coach station appear excessively large and requires a bolder approach and the additional of a more diverse services portfolio to complement the transport offering.

Furthermore, the Rentto district offers significant potential for development and could have been addressed more thoroughly. In general, the plans with regard to infill development could have been executed with a bolder touch. The proposal has set out to create a new symbiotic relationship between city life and nature by creating a dense urban fabric and introducing active green spaces across the entire city centre. In addition to the boulevard, Symbiotic Fabric which is imbued with a distinctly manifesto-like feel comprises a catalogue of operative interventions that can be used to transition the city towards greater environmental sustainability. The proposed traffic management solution is daring and clearly laid out but would have benefitted from a more detailed analysis in terms of its impact on the accessibility of city centre services and on the broader transport network. The visuals alongside a simply laid out but visionary plan create a strategic new development vision for the centre of Hyvinkää.


Hyvinkää makes Hyvinkää as a main strategy to create a new symbiotic city, between the nature and urban fabric. A productive enviroment with new interchanges happend in the loop boulevard which link the areas with the rest of the city giving and urban identity.
Reveling the green to embrace the city into the nature, more human live creating a new proximities in the new productive third space.

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