Symbiosis 3


Chau Nguyen (FI), architect
Anastasia Luzina (FI), student in architecture

Jury evaluation:

One of the strongest aspects of Symbiosis is the visually striking approach from Paijalantie, where both new and existing building stock are harmoniously woven into shaping the public realm. New-build blocks will be utilised to establish a boundary for the area to the front of the old cowshed, which will centre this historic building in terms of the initial visual impact.

The Jury felt that the size of the square is on the large side. Plenty of community functions have been allocated to the area that incorporates the old cowshed and other buildings, which ensures that they are easily accessible. The block layout was judged to create an excessively urban feel in the rural landscape but the Jury recognises that the need for a clearly demarcated boundary and dense development are persuasively argued. This confidence and effective land use are not replicated to the western side of the block development. Here, the structure begins to unravel without a clear spatial hierarchy, causing the public, semi-public and private realms to blend into one another. The development envisaged for the waterfront seeks to create a more private and secluded residential area, which would detract from its public nature. The street network is complicated and in terms of the landscape, allocations for car parking have been made in areas that are too central and visible.

The plans for residential development are diverse and each block development also features communal facilities. The pitched roof buildings lend themselves to the provision of many different types of housing and are also able to accommodate a diverse range of facades. Regardless of the size of the individual units, the design is capable of delivering small-scale housing suitable for this setting. However, the Jury did note that the repetition of the pitched style does give a rather monotonous effect.

The central green space has not been brought into active use and a number of existing buildings are allocated for demolition. In places, the presentation is indicative only, meaning that, viewed in the direction of Lake Tuusulanjärvi the area looks like a treeless small town. It is presumed this was not the intended effect. Limited consideration has been given to the practical aspects that underpin the area’s output and productivity. With regard to the waterfront, ideas are largely confined to the addition of some moorings.


Symbiosis is a relationship between two or more organisms that live closely together. Symbiotic community means a collaborative, environment-friendly district. The concept is to evolve the human-nature relationships and to introduce a balanced lifestyle in Anttila. Biophilic design incorporates natural materials, light, vegetation and other natural experiences into the built environment. Nature-based design embraces natural values of the lake Tuusula and the farmland.

The entrance of Anttila farm will serve as a meeting place and cultural hubs for creative workers, artists and local farmers. The urban atmosphere fades off and the nature-lovers can find more intimate spaces in the north side. The connection to the lake will be strengthened and embraced by seasonal festivals and activities.

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