Stitching a stitch


“Squares, oh squares of Paris, endless battle theater
Where the dressmaker, Madame Lamort,
Curl and make up the restless ways of the earth,
Endless tapes, and is invented with them
Bows, frills, flowers, cockades, artificial fruits “

R. M. Rilke, “Duineser Elegien” 1923

In what way is it manifested what is the basis of a society in which everything that is constructed as culture and is an expression of imaginary circulating and making concrete figures (traits capable of delineating characters) or figurations if by such a thing is understood The heterogeneous set of objects, not seemingly groupable, except from a defining feature that is the coexistence in the space of the city, in a determined time, and from there, in the open possibility of the multiple capture of its complexity ? That which has a time, that, as the allegory of Walter Benjamin is defined by the presence of temporal thickness, leads to the question of how the past lives in the present as, precisely, life, incidence that in turn compromises Futurity? That is: TO KNOW THE PAST, TO UNDERSTAND THE PRESENT AND TO BE ABLE TO LOOK AT THE FUTURE.

This leads us to ask ourselves: How should we continue to construct Coudad ?, how has it been ?, how should it be ?, this search tends to find a way to apprehend that which should not remain as inert past, because it is not such thing And because it is directly related to the present and the current and future perspectives.

How can we imagine this new area of ​​the city? What threads should we interweave? Why not, connect, sew, merge the urbanization with a GREAT PARK ?, a large park where you live, work and enjoy.

This proposal is born from the ideal of sewing the different dimensions of space through small sutures that will accommodate the needs of the city. Why sew? … the way however much we become humanized remains a cut in the flow of space to the sea, with this proposal this limit loses prominence, is saved, and space flows down the coast. STITCHING A STITCH is intended to give shape to a new piece of the city, in which what is really important is free space, conceived as a large park on which lean light structures that will give life.

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