Rock Along

A progressive development of Helsinki’s islands, Rock Along is a promenade, slow tourism project. In continuity of the existing paths, stretching out like a net guiding the visitor , reminding us of the low garden partition walls and the fortress of Suomenlinna : it is a stone wall. Leading us, it sometimes rises into a low wall or lowers as a discreet paved path. Inspired by traditional architecture, each program is expressed by a light structure of wood and a base of local stone. Thus they appear into landmarks. Evolving, each landmark exists from a minimal to a S, M or L size according to the character of each island. Expanding, it unfolds in a living device allowing exploration and dialogue with the natural space of the islands over the seasons and Finnish leisure activities. Contracting, it reveals as a minimal installation evoking the past and present story of the place.

Board 1    Board 2    Board 3    Explanatory text 

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