Out of the blue


The transformation of Laajasalontie highway is an opportunity to explore new type of living and working vision where the component of the landscape plays a crucial role.

Laajasalo is an island with a deep-seated identity and a stunning landscape . The feeling that you live in an island is very present and this has created a deep sense of community among its residents. Living in such a place has certainly created a profound bond between landscape and the residents as well as an emotional attention to its transformations. We strongly believe that the rapid transformation that are occurring must take into account the specificity of this unique

Developing a vision for a boulevard certainly would have a strong impact on residents lives and habits. For this reason our proposal is deeply anchored with the place for which has been designed too.

The Marina and the sea play a key role on residents lives. For this reason a new public space on Tengströminpuisto has been created. It would be the new gathering place on the island as well as the entrance of the new boulevard from Helsinki. Here we reinforced the presence of the water toward the boulevard with an infinity pool, generating a visual continuity between the new square and the horizon.
This place represents the highest moment of synthesis between landscape and public space.

We used the historical idea of boulevard as the new base for the transformation of the highway but we translated it in a way that it would fit with the site. Out of the Blue merges with the existing landscape creating protected courtyards facing the seascape and opening up toward the horizon. This spaces will host the outdoor activities of the community creating a strong sense of
identity. On the other side the same volumes create pocket squares on the street, diversifying spaces and activities along the new boulevard. The ground floor will host productive and
commercial spaces that will have a direct connection to the street, as well as recreational points and outdoor fitness facilities. The size of this spaces will be able to host different events along the year.

Squares and significant junctions along the boulevard are highlighted with special pavement motive. We developed a gradient for the paving that has its maximum density in the main junctions and gradually fades out toward the sea. At the same time the choice of the color blue recalls the presence of the water along the boulevard.

2 thoughts on “Out of the blue

  1. Tässä suunnitelmassa ei ole lainkaan välitetty siitä että paikalliset ja muut Laajasalon luonnonkauneutta ymmärtävät henkilöt arvostavat ja nauttivat Tengerströmin puiston upeasta luonnosta, sen kävelyreiteistä, pienvenesatamasta ja rauhallisesta, hyvinvointia edistävästä metsä kokemuksesta. Tämä suunnitelma pilaa täysin ainutlaatuisen ja luonnonkauniin elinympäristön, mikä Laajasalossa juuri vetoaa ihmisiin, ja tekee siitä niin upean.

  2. Jotain positiivista sanoakseni edelliseen lausuntoon, pidän tuosta vesialueen tuomisesta bulevardin varteen. Kaivettu lahti merinäköaloineen ei ole hassumpi ajatus jos vielä puistoakin saataisiin säilytettyä.

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