MODULUS (Modular Landing and Utility Systems)

R.O.L.I. – Revelers of the Lost Islands, present you – the MODULUS (Modular Landing and Utility Systems).

A defining confluence of tradition, culture, and the heritage these islands offer. Ages worth of biodiversity, at your service, which can be experienced, while also teaching about our humane responsibilities in the changing environments all over the world. This metaphysical nature of the Modulus and its free-flowing connections with visual and experiential aids envisions an assurance in breaking the borders between the islands, an inclusive and visual amalgamation on the sea. The overall picture is to create a system that facilitates exploring these islands using the existing water bus routes and other modes of recreation, which are tied closely with Central Helsinki (as a node), and to develop answers which don’t develop heavily, but offer better engagement with the islands.

Board 1    Board 2    Board 3    Explanatory text 

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