Productive twins !

Enriched by a long shared history, the twin cities of Tornio and Haparanda are also anchored in our time and in constant development.
Many infrastructures exist in the two cities but are not used to connect them. The KM0 project works to join all existing and new activities to create a common space where the two populations can share and prosper.

Up north !

The project takes advantage of the unique geographical location and history of Tornio and Harapanda. This is done by transforming this simple point of passage into a veritable step in the expeditions through Lapland and the Far North. The kilometer zero of the journey now becomes a new base camp for contemporary adventurers.

Embrace a natural border !

The project KM0 tries to restore a balance between the existing nature and large-scale buildings currently under construction on the site. Our response is to build a productive common future based on nature and cultural heritage. We seek to preserve the authenticity of the site by promoting responsible tourism and the production/transmission of local know-how. This will invite the traveller to stick around and actually participate in the local economy. The KM0 project, in addition to being a new spot for tourism, is also a place of exchange and work for companies.

Four for one !

Our project is composed of four areas with singular ambiances offering a new architectural sequence along Route E4 : the Square, the Hills, the Ring, and the Forest.

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