The Kaijonharju’s new heart

The main idea for the project site is to create a tri-polar walking/cycling links that are providing a mixed uses along the main axes, and that are a good functional merge for the University and the Kaijonharju housing district.


It was intended to intensify the urban ambience for the Yliopistokatu as the main street of the area by locating alongside it the main services like the new shopping centre with new supermarkets, and equipping with the new communication hub. The Artisan’s Alley on the other hand is proposed as a car-free zone intended for manufacturing and craftsmanship in the medium-high rise housing neighborhood introducing an inspiring and cosy ambience. Those facilities ¬¬-¬ joined by the main square – are creating The New Heart of the district that is easily accessible from all directions by walk/cycle, car or public transport.


There is a range of different ambience public squares and alleys across the area to meet the expectations of the varying users. They are being sculpted with stairs and ramps to stimulate urban activities and differentiate perspectives that are attracting visitors. Some public spaces are being covered to create winter gardens, vibrant during the cold times. The housing is being constructed on the plinths consisting of commercial services and grocery stores, as well workshops and parking areas.


It was decided to maintain a natural flow of the nature through the district, between Kuivasjärvi and Pyykösjärvi. Thus the forest is kept in a natural state with an elevated decking path that gives a chance for experiencing its beauty from the closer proximity.


The proposal introduces a collection of spaces for productive activities in the area. There are (1) a medium sized manufacturing depots underneath the student housing that are facing forest with their glass facades; (2) a greenhouses scattered on different levels and locations of the area, accessible publicly or privately to allow gardening or small agriculture; (3) a medium size workshops on the ground floor and office spaces on the first floor, reaching out the main alley and its niche squares; (4) there are also a small size private workshops/studios integrated with the apartments above; (5) and dedicated area at the Artisans’ Alley for collective multifunctional “arts and crafts pavilions” in the centre of the main alley, offering space for hobby or part-time creators to exhibit or produce and share their ideas.

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