Joustava kaupungit

Can we make a plan for vibrant urban neighborhood?Or should we just make some kind of base where this life could happen?That would also mean constant change.What if we build a system that will be totally flexible?So there is a need for spaces that can be both warehouses and flats, offices or shops.Changes in function could happen once a decade,twice a year or even every day.Three elements make this space strategy:
1_Communications are formed as light structures from wood/steel/textile that allow easy montage and changes of location using scaffolding system.Equating corridors with streets and paths make upper floors accessible to public,therefor attractive to cultural and commercial activities.
2_Fixed structures are formed as empty spaces without any limitations in adopting future functions,using industrial construction systems and local steel production.
3_Specially designed boxes/cabinets of fixed furniture that are produced in series and can be easily assembled and then put together in different organizations to become space generators.

TRAFFIC_The statement here is that existing motorways need no changing and additional slowing down.Friendly, interesting and attractive environment will encourage passers by to stop.All negative aspects of traffic are neutralized with new tree plantations. Most of parking is located in 2 floors garage with green roof and slots of light and trees.

LIVING WITH THE RIVER_Keeping and emphasizing existing green areas near the river and in accordance with another river side make trees dominant in sight of the city.Dimension of objects follow average city blocks,trying to give friendly alternative to giant structures being built in the border area and bring in a little balance in existing heterogeneous(highrise-bungalows)city tissue.Buildings are oriented to follow energy flow of the river.

BORDER AS A MEETING AREA_All communications lead to a knot in the border area-forming spaces for gatherings.Corridors could be heated during cold winter days,and knot area can be easily covered with textile structures encouraging encounters between citizens.

_Except inducing small industries to come to the city,industry is here present in some additional ways.Idea is to bring building industry to the higher level with equating building process with industrial production.In conclusion,this proposal is attempt to achieve high level of flexibility with urban and architectural strategies,which we hope will celebrate communion and freedom.

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