Hyvinkää to be

Hyvinkää is a railway city, developed and dependent from it.
Why not making this relation its urban strength and focusing on the space in between rather than just the connection points?
The railway connects, but locally it is perceived as a backstage.
The master plan turns the current situation upside down putting the railway’s area at the center, the pivotal node of a new net of paths, buildings and functions. It defines 7 new areas, each with different identities.

The goal is:

  • to concentrate functions that are currently dispersed: Transport Hub
  • to raise the density of existing functions: new housing neighbourhood by Kortisooninmäki , hybrid blocks on Uudenmankatu, Asema school, Music School and Theatre
  • to introduce new functions: Kortisooninmäki urban park, Cultural and Start-Up Centre

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