The project is divided into three main development parcels; Hybrid City, Union Island and Generating City. To the north and east of Hapanranda center the Hybrid City includes industrial, commercial and residential development.
Union Island straddles the border between Finland and Sweden, providing a new downtown focus for TornioHapanranda that celebrates both cultures. The island contains a range of residential and leisure functions, including a theatre, shops, restaurants, and hotel.
To the southeast of Tornio Generating City provides mixed employment through leisure, tourism, and light industry, coupled with relaxed Arctic beachfront living.

The Flow

The section of the E4 that crosses the Border has been developed into a peaceful urban boulevard, slowing and calming the traffic. Visitors are invited to stop at Union Island as they become consciously aware of the exact moment they cross the Border.
Both Hybrid City and Generating City closely align with the existing streets of Tornio and Haparanda to provide uninterrupted vehicular, pedestrian, and cycle access.

The Way

New non-vehicle routs link with the existing pedestrian and cycle network. From north to south, a pedestrian boulevard and series of urban squares meander along the line of the Border. A proposed greenway hugs the shore, and crosses through the island, providing panoramic views south, across the Tornionjoki river.

The Green

A linear park along the river Tornionjoki provides leisure opportunities for both tourists and residents, as well as softening the built edge. The park acts as a wildlife corridor and landscape buffer against the river, promoting ecological connectivity across the Border.

The Blue

The river flowing along the Border has been divided in two to envelop Union Island. The flood meadows surrounding the island not only provide a pleasant outlook for visitors and residents, but also act as swales to accommodate varying levels of flood water, in a catchment management approach.

The Unorthodox

The Orthodox church has been relocated to the center of Union Island. The whimsical placement of this unique building provides a focal point along the vistas of the greenway and urban linear plaza.

The Future

Production H: 3000 m2 U: 12 000 m2 G: 7000 m2
Commercial & Culture H: 5000 m2 U: 8000 m2 G: 5000 m2
Housing & Hybrid H: 42 000 m2 U: 20 000 m2 G: 48 000 m2
Total Hybrid City: 50 000 m2 Union Island: 40 000 m2 Generating City: 60 000 m2
Grand total 150 000m2

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