Halailla Luontoa

Halailla Luontoa

Upon an isle where nature‘s hand
Did weave a tapestry of sand,
A wondrous place of quaint design,
Where culture and the wild align.
With tourist gems of tiny size,
Each structure, a sweet surprise,
Where nature‘s gifts, a guiding force,
Create a realm of true discourse.
Amidst the foliage, tall and grand,
A tree stands tall, a beacon‘s hand,
Its branches cradle dwellings small,
A symphony of life in thrall.
A bridge of stone, with moss adorned,
Where rushing streams have once meandered,
A testament to nature‘s touch,
As structures blend, they never clutch.

So come, explore this magic isle,
Where culture and the earth compile,
A testament to unity,
In nature‘s grasp, we all agree.
Let‘s cuddle in nature,
let‘s cuddle with nature.

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