Common islands

The Tornio-Haparanda border has been revamped into a network of connected functional areas, with a series of targeted interventions which aim to emphasise the already present natural and local life.
“ Embrace the border” vision and the necessity to reduce the traffic of E4 highway, brought us to think to the only way left in order to save tradition, culture and landscape: flooding the road.
In this way we created everybody’s land; not anymore only the gateway to Lapland, but also a final destination.
A border that doesn’t divide anymore. Structured in many islands that form the archipelagos and represent a new mixed cultural identity that celebrates unity and positive encounters.

This is the ultimate derivative of the positive rivalry that exists between the two twin cities. Their extension, their souls, and their power.
Tradition has been nurtured by developing only micro architectural elements, dissociated from the surrounding macro structures seen outside of the border, utilising materials such as wood and typical architectural nordic language.
Culture has been refreshed by giving coherence and a design identity to all the complexes envisioned in the area including the creation of a natural archipelagos of new business to embrace and connect already operating companies.

Landscape has been valorised by serving the needs for as well residents, businesses, tourists as visitors; the area is cut by different walks that resemble the main attraction and activities of the local culture. From total relaxations pathways, immersed by the sound and the view of birds that lead in relaxing wellness islands; to cultural, food and sports gateways where locals can dive into their beautiful idleness.

Reset islands are a natural evolution of the local and ecological present life resulting in a productive and sustainable network of services to let people try out of order experiences.

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