Come Together (1)

SPECIAL MENTION – Come Together (1)

Tomi Jaskari (FI), architect urbanist
Laura Hietakorpi (FI), landscape architect

Jury evaluation:

This proposal succeeds in enhancing the entire area with a diverse and balanced approach that provides for new functions on both sides of the railway track and even extends its scope to beyond the confines of the competition site. Although the proposal seeks to achieve a high degree of impact, the scale and design of what has been put forward is a good fit with the existing building stock and a quirky and distinctive addition to the city centre. The plans also lend an well-judged urban feel to the station and its surrounding areas.

The development proposed for Koritsooninmäki makes efficient use of the land available and succeeds in creating secluded garden spaces for residents. The diagonal pavements feel forced in places and not all of them are necessary under proposed block layout. However, there is significant merit in the way the street level and transport and pedestrian flows have been designed. Efforts have clearly been made to ensure that these lend themselves to active use.

The platform area has been complemented with small-scale development intended to house a range of different services and which will add diversity to the area. The blocks closest to the station feature a large, centralised multi-storey car park. With regard to the Rentto factory area, the proposal contains plans for high-density commercial and residential development. This area also lends itself to tall buildings. Connecting it with the station via access under Siltakatu bridge will improve accessibility. The infill development proposed for Uudenmaankatu and Hyvinkäänkatu is also of a high quality. Hämeensilta bridge has also been converted into a bus terminal. If cars are to be eliminated from the main thoroughfare, a review of the city’s entire transport network will be required. Under the plans, the terminal building will be suspended above the railway tracks, which offers excellent potential in terms of accessibility and location but is expensive to implement.


“Come together” plan transforms Hyvinkää station area and its surroundings to a connected urban environment that creates a continuous, vibrant and green urban flow. The plan connects the key functions of the city center through series of memorable public places. With the addition of well-placed new functions and the enhanced proximity through new urban connections the east and west side are brought closer together physically, visually and mentally. This allows for the area to prosper as a productive urban core.

The proposed plan is based on five main themes:

  • Network of meaningful places
  • Prioritizing pedestrians
  • Vibrant, artful and Green identity
  • Green at heart
  • Healthy, active and smart living

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