Are we humans


xx I was wondering about the future…

— Interesting

xx i think that our future will be linked to artificial intelligence and that will change everything

xx and productivity will be completely automated?

— yes… A bit scary, isn’t it?

xx of course

— then, must some mes limits be created?

xx and this developement should depend not only on comercial interests but also on social wellness

— then we need a supervisión center and, on the other hand, to define the importance of leisure time

xx like tourism, you mean?

— for the definition of the new limits we will ser two reference points

xx The supervisión center as something really iconic

—  and… What’s more iconic than a flag?

xx i think i’m getting you

xx we have an idea but what’s going to be our strategy?

— well, let’s reorganize communications by connecting the main spots

xx  we could use the roundabouts

–There we’ll design some nice center where artificial intelligence advances can be shown…and also other information

xx and the comumication through the border?

— a high runway with a lookout at the border

xx that’s it! Those two perpendicular lines will make our flag

— and for the rest of the site?

xx it’s important to generate beautiful views and also make nature to become the main character of the scene

— i agree, more nature and the intelligent parking

xx and leisure areas

–we could create a drone friendly area, even the first international circuit, making use these new created spots

xx- it could be…

xx  What´s your plan?

— I´ve just made a timetable. It´s a priotity to begin with the Artificial Intelligence Center.

xx  Good idea. It will be the starting point for the site organization.

— Yes.And a guidance to global productivity.

xx Then we should remove the excess of parkings and create the automated parking…

—  …so that the seashore will be reorganised and we´ll get a more natural front side.

xx  And we´ll be able to place the playground and the drone landing strip.

— Finally, the redesigning of the roundabouts. That´s the more complex part.

xx  Yes. What are we doing there?

—  That´s clear: areas to show the artificial intelligence advances and touristic information.

xx You are forgetting the main course, the big icon

— and the new touristic experience

— I can already see it…

xx It´s like a dream, but it seems so real

— well, what´s real and what´s not?

xx then, are we real? are we humans?

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