E17 Site Visit to HelsinkiEastern Archipelago

Now also the video recording of the Helsinki site visit is ready! As there were five islands, the video is quite long… But project sites are marked here with bolded font:

00:00:06 VILLINKI arriving at Kylänlahti Bay
2:22 Villinki presentation next to the old public main landing pier of Villinki. Walk to the Manor of Villinki and the oldest house on the island
8:17 Kristallilahti (Cristal) Bay
10:55 – 11:50  Walking along Saaristopolku (Archipelago Path going through the island) – film accelerated, except at the place where deers’ were spotted on a earlier visit(11:30-)
11:50 Kylänlahti project site: Villa Stiget
14:00 Coming to back to Kylänlahti Bay, taking the boat Kylänlahti from another pier

17:35 Villinginlahti project site 

31:21 PIKKU NIINISAARI arriving at the project area
66:14 MALKASAARI arriving at the project area
1:21:21 KOTILUOTO arriving at the reflection site on the eastern side of the island
1:39:14 VARTIOSAARI driving past Reposalmi project area
1:40:09 Reposalmi jetty  
1:52:06 Reposalmi project site / Villa Sunnavik
1:58:00 (Medow for the sheep in the summertime)
1:59:40 Oldest house on Vartiosaari (in the middle of the island were houses for workers building the villas for the gentry)  
2:02:22 Pässinlahti Bay project area
2:14:30  Same spot as earlier at 1:49:22: walking to the sauna of Sunnavik, beach and the villa – all part of Reposalmi project area
2:20:32 Back to the Reposalmi Jetty

SITE VISIT OWN YOUR OWN: Public water traffic connection from Reposalmi Pier in Laajasalo to Kotiluoto and Malkasaari starts on the 2nd of June.. Boat rides via Callboats app Wed-Sun between 12:00-20:00 (6 € / ride between islands). From Reposalmi Pier you can get to Vartiosaari already now at weekends, and every day from the beginning of June (10:00-19:00, 2,5 € oneway). To Villinki and Pikku Niinisaari there’s no public transportation.- yet 😉

Check also the Helsinki Maritime Weekend cruises etc. on the 2nd-4th of June..