Site of the demolished hotel in Vaskiluoto

We had the site visit on Vaasa already on the 12th of May, but competitors can check out the video recording on our walk around the competition site! The City.  of Vaasa representatives Päivi Korkealaakso and Anna Myllymäki were guiding us around 👌🏼

The walk started from the southern edge of the reflection site, continued along Niemeläntie Road to the project site / site of the demolished hotel (phase 1) and the former Coat Guards’ area & the Camping Site (phase 2 & 3). Having seen the project site, there was a short peep into the Merenkulkijat small yacht harbour area and walk back to the city center via other small yacht harbours along Duvaldtintie Road and Purhjehtijankuja Alley.

Birds were singing loud, small yacht owners were busy getting their boats ready for the summer season, and a crane was already taking the yachts down to the sea. But also some old snow piles were still to be seen in shadowy places!

Of course competitors can also visit the site by themselves: there’s some half an hour’s walk from the Vaasa Railway Station to Vaskiluoto (also bus connection #6 from the Railway Station to Vaskiluoto, stops on the southern edge of the Reflection Site).  And if you come from Sweden, the boat from Umeå arrives in Vaskiluoto Harbour!