Site visits in Helsinki & Vaasa on May 11 & 12 *edit: videos to follow! & boat connections in the summer

Organised site visits are already done, but for them who didn’t have the possibility to participate them, we’ll add some videos from the site visits to this website when they’re edited!

Entering Vaskiluoto competition are in Vaasa Full speed to Helsinki Archipelago

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And of course you can visit the sites yourself:

VAASA: To Vaskiluoto site there’s only some half an hour’s walk from the Vaasa Railway Station (also bus #6 goes from the Railway Station to Vaskiluoto, stopping on the southern edge of the Reflection site).

HELSINKI: Public water traffic connection from Reposalmi Pier in Laajasalo to Kotiluoto and Malkasaari starts June 2. Boat rides via Callboats app Wed-Sun between 12:00-20:00 (6 € / ride between islands). From Reposalmi Pier you can get to Vartiosaari already now at weekends, and every day from the beginning of June (10:00-19:00, 2,5 € oneway). To Villinki and Pikku Niinisaari there’s no public transportation.- yet 😉

Check also the Helsinki Maritime Weekend cruises etc. June 2-4.

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Competitors: Welcome to the site visits in Helsinki & Vaasa!

HELSINKI: May 11: Meeting at at Aurinkolahdenlaituri in Vuosaari: Aurinkolahti pier – Google Maps.; Boat leaves 9:30. Taking the 8.52 metro from the Helsinki Main Railway Station to Vuosaari would be fine. Visiting the islands will take the whole day; there will be a chance to have a lunch break in Aurinkolahti between the island hopping.

VAASA: May 12: Meeting at the Vaasa Railway Station at 13:30 , transportation to the site. Train from the connecting directions of Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu should arrive at 13.24.

There’s plenty of space on the site visit of Vaasa, but in Helsinki we’ have only one seat left in the boats- sign up a.s.a.p. at  (or mobile +358 40 163 6025)

The site visits are free of charge.