TornioHaparanda Seamless

The existing system of urban blocks is being expanded and enhanced. Irregularities in the gird condensate the movement of people and create a network of town squares with different primary uses. Through incremental transformation the existing structuring roads (E4 route and Storgatan) are being redesigned to productive streets enliven by flanking zones of mixed uses. Complementary to the productive streets, residential side alleys provide the needed density of population and act as public space able of strengthening the local community. By combining productive streets and residential alleys, conditions for diverse users including children and elderly are provided in the very urban centre, thus reducing city sprawling and its negative effects. Urban development embraces the Rajakaari park area which hosts a range of recreational and free time infrastructure directly used by the residents and serves as the hearth of the seamless TornioHaparanda.

One thought on “Seamless

  1. The only proposal that has any coherence for further developement. Urban blocks are elegantly expanded on both sides of the border. The scale of the place is understood and interesting new residential blocks densify and integrate the area! Good job!

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