Kaijonharju center is situated next to the main campus of the University of Oulu. The center has poor connections to the campus area and feels hidden. The visitors and passers-by can’t find their way from the campus to Kaijonharju center and get lost easily. The positive factors of the area, the University campus, Kaijonharju center, Technology Village and beautiful lakes Pyykösjärvi and Kuivasjärvi and the recreation routes are disconnected from each other. Positive factors and good public transportation and bicycle routes create potential for further development.

DYNAMO builds clearer links between the main functions of the area. It activates the route from the University campus to Kaijonharju center and makes the distances feel shorter. The focus of the new construction is along Dynamo Boulevard which is part of the new public transportation route from the city center and airport. Kaijonharju becomes a pedestrian and bicycle friendly area where the car routes don’t cut through the heart of the area and the parking solution is regional.

The new city block structure is closed, creating urban streets and large common yards. The distinguishing pine trees are saved on the yards and forestry green zones cut through the area. Existing buildings are maintained where it’s possible to create temporal layers. The cars are located centrally in Parking HUBs. The university, services and businesses use the same Parking HUBs to make it more efficient.

The Dynamo Boulevard creates a new façade and entrance to the area. The materials of the buildings and urban areas are taken from the existing buildings, red brick Kaijonharju and industrial and colorful Linnanmaa, and mixed together in a fresh new way. The new digital platform supports the rising of new services and production. It is owned by Kaijonharju residents who can utilize it in their everyday. DYNAMO Boulevard is the heart of the area that’s changing and creating new all the time!

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