Productive village



TEAM REPRESENTATIVE: architect, landscape architect, urban designer
LOCATION: Tuusula, Hyrylä
SITE PROPOSED BY: Tuusula municipality
OWNERS OF THE SITE: Tuusula municipality, private land owners
COMMISSION AFTER COMPETITION: urban study, masterplan

Tuusula municipality is part of the Greater Helsinki area, located only half an hour from Helsinki and 15 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Tuusula is a combination of active municipal centers and peaceful countryside. The three centers – Hyrylä, Kellokoski and Jokela – each have their own identity. Lake Tuusula is an inherent part of Tuusula’s identity and cultural heritage. A unique community of artists formed on the shores of the lake in the early 1900’s and this heritage is still prominent today.

The project site, Anttila farming center, is situated in a beautiful rural landscape by Tuusula lake, near Hyrylä center. Anttila has served as a research and education center for farming but has become mostly vacant. Large barns and research buildings together with housing are available for new use. The objective of the competition is to find a concept for the area. And to study how local food production, services and housing could coexist in Anttila a new way. Could Anttila become a post-agrarian productive village?

Implementation process

The competition is organized by the Tuusula municipality in collaboration with Europan Finland. The intention of the municipality is to give a commission to the winner/s at the level of urban planning. The commission will be to develop the ideas of the competition proposal further and to work with the municipality and the local residents to build a new identity for the area. Tuusula will make a detailed plan for the area in collaboration with the winner.