13.2. – 9.7.2017

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Etsimme Europanille reipasta ja järjestelykykyistä AVUSTAJAA vuodelle 2019. Työhön kuuluu kilpailuun liittyvien dokumenttien valmistelua, tapahtumien ja näyttelyjen järjestämistä sekä matkajärjestelyjä.…


Europan 15 kohteiden haku on käynnissä

Europan 15 -kilpailu käydään keväällä 2019. Tervetuloa mukaan! Sopivia kohteita voi ehdottaa mukaan syksyyn 2018 asti. Kilpailun järjestäjinä voivat toimia kaupungit, julkiset…



(Sub)urban boulevard


The Laajasalo island community is on the verge of a great change. New development is planned to double the number of people living on the island. Europan 14 challenges designers to give their input to this development by replacing the present highway with a pleasant, active center.

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Building new connections


The University of Oulu is situated in Linnanmaa, 5 km from the centre of Oulu, and next to it is the Kaijonharju residential area. They are two secluded, monofunctional areas with poor connections between them. The objective is to is to create a new urban vision, to densify and diversify the areas and to build new connections.

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Johanna Palomäki (FI) – Master planning architect, City of Lahti

Johanna Palomäki steers the continuous strategic planning process at the city of Lahti. She is an outspoken advocate of walkable cities and collaborative planning practices. Palomäki promotes the efficient use of geographic information in planning. She also ensures the aesthetic quality of the living environment at early stages of planning, as it is linked to people’s well-being.

Martin Videgård (SE) – Architect, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Martin Videgård is a co-founder and lead architect at Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, based in Stockholm. The practice ha s attracted attention for its experimental approach and innovative built works. Their projects have won several national and international awards, most recently the Kasper Salin Prize 2015 for the new KTH School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2017 the Spanish publisher El Croquis released a monograph showing the work of Tham & Videgård. Videgård is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and regularly teaches and lectures at schools of architecture in Sweden and abroad.

Juha Kostianen (FI) – Senior Vice President, Sustainable Urban Development, YIT

Juha Kostiainen is the director of urban development at YIT. He is an avid advocate of urbanism, a participant in public debate, and has served various public mandates. In 2002 he completed his Ph.D. about the competetivness of urban regions. He has published several scientific articles about the development of urban regions and housing and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tampere. Kostiainen has experience in urban strategic development, communications and branding. He writes about urban issues in his blog nokkelakaupunki.fi.

Tina Saaby Madsen (DK) – City Architect, City of Copenhagen

Tina Saaby has been the City Architect of Copenhagen since 2010. She inspires, facilitates and advices the politicians and City Administration. Her responsibility is to help define architectural guidelines and visions in developing the city based on the City of Copenhagen’s Architectural Policy. She is Visiting Professor at the Sheffield University and external examiner at the University of Roskilde and the University of Copenhagen. She is also the former Vice President of the Danish Architects’ Association.

Riikka Kuittinen (FI) – Architect, LUO Architects

Riikka Kuittinen is a founding partner at LUO Architects, an Oulu based office founded in 2014. LUO is a member of the Uusi Kaupunki – New Urban Collective of 11 young and ambitious design offices. LUO has received awards in several architectural competitions, including Europan 13. Kuittinen’s expertise lies in northern urban housing and city planning and nature-based tourism architecture. She also teaches Contemporary Architecture at the University of Oulu.

Jon Sundell (FI) – Social entrepreneur

Jon Sundell is a social entrepreneur with a focus on economic, environmental and social sustanability. Jon is an urbanist from an early age. He spent 10 years in Los Angeles in the film industry and returned to facilitate urban movements in Helsinki. Reclaiming public space with block parties and taking an active role in defining the future of his own neighborhood is a passion for Sundell. He was also the founder of Made in Kallio, a “prototype of a future factory”; a fusion of maker-space, incubator and café where artisans could visibly develop and promote their work amongst the local community.

Antti Lehto (FI) – Architect, Serum Architects

Antti Lehto is a founding partner at Serum Architects in Helsinki. Serum has been awarded in several architectural competitions in the fields of urban and housing design. They were also awarded the Pietilä prize for young architects in 2014 for their holistic approach to design characterized by social awareness, environmental sustainability and high architectural quality. Lehto teaches Urban and Housing Design at the Aalto University.

Competition information

Who can participate?

You can participate if you are under 40 years of age on July 9, 2017 – the last date of the submissions. Competitors are encouraged to form multidisciplinary teams, including at least one architect. Students are allowed to participate as collaborators. See more at Europan rules.


1. prize €12 000
2. prize €6 000

Each site will receive two prizes. The jury may also award innovative entries with special mentions. Thanks to Finnish tax laws you don’t have to pay taxes on prizes paid in Finland.

Registration and entries

You can download any competition brief for free. To receive a complete set of competition material you must register at www.europan-europe.eu.

Entries will be submitted digitally. The required material, three A1 panels, will be printed by local Europan organizations for evaluation and display.

What is Europan?

Europan is an international competition for architects and urban designers under the age of 40. Europan provides a forum for young professionals to develop and present their ideas for current urban challenges. For the cities and developers Europan is a tool to find innovative architectural and urban solutions for implementation.